These wooden products are created with everyday use in mind, however they do require a little bit of care. Hand wash with warm/cold, soapy water, and allow to air dry. 

DO NOT put your product in a dishwasher

Each product is sealed and heat-cured with pure tung oil, giving it a food-safe, natural, waterproofing layer. Over time, and after many months of use and washes, I recommend reoiling your product. You can usually tell it's time to oil when your product begins to grey and lose color. 

I recommend using walnut, hemp, or tung oil for reoiling. Walnut and hemp oil can be found in most grocery stores. Warm a small amount of oil, and apply to a CLEAN and DRY wooden product with a piece of cloth or your fingers. Allow wooden product to dry somewhere warm and in the sun, wiping off excess oil after an hour. Allow product to dry before use.