Shortly after finishing a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail in the fall of 2017, I began working as an apprentice carpenter on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. After a year and a half of learning under several skilled carpenters, I decided to create Chrisinger's Cuts. At that point my focus was on woodworking, and some small building projects. 

After a year of running Chrisinger's Cuts, I felt it necessary to better align my work with our Planet's current and future environmental needs. In my search for this balance, I was introduced to the world of green woodworking, and took a keen interest in bowl turning on a pole-lathe. A foot-powered pole lathe allows the user to turn bowls, plates, cups, and more with simply human energy, and sharp tools. 

Since then I have built my own pole lathe, and have decided to hone in on a select few products. Other than a chainsaw for felling and bucking trees, my work uses no electricity and produces only wood shavings. I work only with local, sustainably harvested wood, and often salvage parts of trees destined to become firewood. I'm excited to continue to be able to woodwork, and am even more thrilled to be doing it in an environmentally conscious manner. 

I am currently residing in Midcoast Maine, where I am continuing to practice and grow through woodcraft. 

 I am happy to share my creations with you, and hope that you find something that you love, can use, and will cherish for many years. 

All the best

-Zach Chrisinger